Super Affectionate 7 month old Rooster

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    Dec 23, 2012
    This D.D. He is a beautiful seven month old cross bred Barred Rock (mother) and Light Brahma (father) rooster. He's been hand raised from the time he was hatched and my partner and I love his SO MUCH!

    D.D., was born with Wryneck or Crookneck. The neck swoops over to the left and then back to the right like a big question mark on its side. While all the other chicks were running around, there was D.D. running in circles from his crooked neck. It was PRECIOUS! The breeder we got our chicks from, threw it in for free and said, "I'f you think you can nurse it back to health, you can have it. Be warned though, most don't make it through the first week."

    So we gave D.D lots of love and attention and affection…and he never died. In fact, he is thriving! And now he's a 7 month old rooster.. and here lies our problem.

    Now that he is 7 months old, he crows. In the City of Long Beach, CA where we live, were not allowed to have roosters. only hens. If we knew he was male when we first saw him, we wouldn't have gotten him. But since chicks are difficult to determine gender, we took a gamble and got him anyway. If he doesn't find a forever loving home, i know that someone will end up making a dinner out of him and he deserves a chance at life!

    Most people think he's ugly and deformed. His neck handicaps him from breeding, so other than being someone's pet (which no one has been interested so far) he'll end up as dinner.

    He is the sweetest, most affectionate little guy. He loves cuddling, taking naps in our laps, and loves getting massages, especially on his neck.

    He loves attention, other chickens, people, and other animals.

    He has a cute funny walk and still walks in circles when he gets excited. He can barely jump or fly because he spirals back down with a THUD!

    He would be ideal for a family with children who are looking for an affectionate pet, or a couple looking for a friendly loving companion. Please contact us if you have a loving compassionate interest.

    Located in southern California (Long Beach)

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    Safford, Arizona
    aww pretty rooster, hope he will have a nice home ! call your local Future farmers of America (High schools) or 4-H,they might take him !
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    Jan 28, 2013
    He's cute I live in Oklahoma does he try to breed with hens or he just lets them alone? what are you asking for him? & would you ship him how much would that be to oklahoma? Let me know more.
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    Feb 9, 2013
    its so far from indonesia...

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