Super-Broody Duck?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by CocoNUT, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Apr 15, 2009 I have this duck...she's about a year old now...and WAS laying like clockwork. Well...she started setting...all the time! She gets all upset if you try and come near her 'nest'. She even has one of the young drakes sitting with her and keeping her company. Funny thing...she's not sitting on any eggs! She had one egg, and I believe one of the drakes messed it up (it got destroyed).

    Well...she's a Swedish Blue...don't know if that makes a difference...but she's been "broody" like this for about a month now! She's pretty determined...and I'm starting to think she might be almost silkie-determined broody! I wouldn't have a problem putting her on some eggs...I just don't know if any of the other duck eggs I'm getting are fertile.

    Any suggestions out there as to what I can do to either get her "over" her broodiness...OR...give her some eggs w/o her destoying/crushing them?

    The drakes are chocolate muscovies. One, Chip, has gotten so aggressive with his 'breeding technique' that he's run off our young chocolate muscovie hen! (He's about to go into the stew pot!)
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    If she is a muscovy, after a month she should be soon winding down. A few of my runners get broody, and after about 30 days they're done, as if nothing changed. Don't know if your breed will be like that, but a couple more weeks of patience may be the most peaceful way of dealing with this.

    Is she eating and drinking enough? Does she look healthy?
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    Apr 15, 2009
    She's a Blue Swedish...and she seems to be healthy. She gets up and gets to the pond and gets around her pen. (Then Chip...the muscovy drake...gets to 'breeding' her.)

    I guess I'll just wait it out!

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