Super close call!


Jul 15, 2019
NW Ohio
We have a broody duck hen, Bev. She is very communicative and will come and get me in the yard if she wants something. She has me well trained. I was in the kitchen and I heard her call. I thought maybe she left the nest and couldn't get back in because the gate had shut. I went out to check on her. I looked towards the pond where she was calling from and there was coyote IN THE WATER. I was so confused. At first I thought, why is there a deer in the pond, then I wondered if it was a dog?? Finally the light bulb went off and I realized it was a wet coyote. He just looked at me and then ran to the shore and looked at me again.
Bev is shaken and a little scruffy, but seems ok otherwise, although she's just standing beside her nest and still hasn't gotten back on.
We have everyone penned up now. I need to figure out how to get rid of this coyote now.
This is Bev from this morning.
Was it swimming in the pond because it was the only way through your fences?
If so that sounds pretty desperate.

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