Super friendly chicks?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
The day before yesterday I purchased three chocolate orpingtons from a local breeder. They were sold to me straight run and it is way too early to sex them by looks but I was wondering if anyone has experience with the breed because these chicks are 100 percent different from the feed store chicks I bought a few months back. Out of the six pullets I bought from our local co-op two turned out to be friendly (the buff orpingtons) but these guys make those two look like high strung loners. They're extremely laid back (and I don't mean they lounge about like unhealthy babies either). Two days into it they are approaching me (after I prove I have a little handful of chick starter in my palm, because apparently it tastes better out of my hand than the feeder) and just a little while ago one of them went to sleep in my hand.

I guess my question is, is this normal behavior? I've only ever experienced birds (ducks, geese, and my first batch of chickens) that came from hatchery stock, is that why these seem so different? Or is this a bad sign that I picked out three roosters? Or maybe this is normal for orpingtons? Idk, I'm just curious as to why they seem so gentle in comparison to my other chicks.

And here are some really bad pictures, the lighting was bad in my bathroom.



5 Years
Sep 26, 2014
We've found with chicks, kindness begets kindness...If store bought, they, and you, seem to have been fortunate and had handlers that actually liked birds, not always the case, sadly...And if so, once they see you're the new "hand that feeds them" and you've been kind to them, they should display it right back at ya! Again, this is based on our experience only...

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