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    The stuff is remarkable. It was 10 years ago when I had some heart surgery, they closed my chest up with what amounts to medical super glue. That means its in a fancy tube, in a sterile pack, with some drug company name on it, so they can charge $700 a gram for the stuff, give or take. But its the same stuff.
    Its all so misleading too, the "medical" designation i mean, because this sort of stuff isn't exactly full of bacteria or viruses. Its not organic, and the compounds it is made of are not things that support the lives of the little bugs that can make us so sick. Often stuff like this is heated way up during the manufacturing process too, which would kill off anything that might be in it, but I don't happen to know if super glue is heated up when it is made.
    Anyway, I use it all the time, just commercial, hardware store type of super glue, to close up cuts on my fingers, or to put it on winter time, dry splits of skin on my thumbs-if you don't know what those are, they are little spots of skin that split open spontaneously, in the cold/dry air, and they HURT like [email protected]#%. Like paper cuts, only 10 times more painful. Super glue is great stuff to put o them, if you get these splits, try it.
    Anyway, I am wondering if any of you have used super glue on your birds, to close up wounds? I was thinking the combo of blue wound balm and then super glue should make a fine wound care kit to keep on hand. Some of you folks performing surgeries on your birds might find a great product to close up the wounds you make...
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    I don't have chickens (yet), but have made a few observations in the past few years about chickens and wound dressing. I have not seen 'super glue' used on chickens, however, I have seen people use blu kote (which is suppose to be quite effective). I hope that helps!
    The funny and ironic thing about this post is that I had surgery last week and the surgeon used a type of liquid stitches (Dermabond, I believe it was called), and it has held fairly well (with the exception of my belly button which leaked a little). i know that you can buy liquid stitches in just about any drug store for about $10.

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