Super High Tech Automated Chicken Coop & Run

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    The ultimate backyard chicken coop & run. A/C, Heater, Gable Fan, auto 5psi watering inside and outside, Electric Door, ISY/Insteon control on everything. Operated by phone, pc & scheduling for lighting, door, A/C, Fan(s) based on outside temperature, humidity, etc. Outdoor fan, sensors on water pressure, low feeder, low scratch feeder & High Temp in Coop. All alarms sent by text to phone. Auto Feeder, Auto Scratch Feed 3 times/day. 2 PTZ 1080p ChickenRun & Coop Cams, 23 hens.[​IMG]




    View 'Live' stream 24/7:
    1. download:
    2. Install streaming program
    3. Select Play from menu and click 'Play Live Broadcast'
    4. Enter Media Server IP Address: port: 5119
    5. Enter name of Alias of Live Broadcast: chickenrun or coop - 1 at a time
    6. The program will remember previous entries for future viewings
    7. Enjoy!
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    Wow! That's really neat! [​IMG]

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