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    Anyone ever averaged more eggs than hens over 2 or more days?

    A few weeks ago I got an order for 75 leghorns so I merged 8 hens from 3 other coops into a breeding pen with a new rooster and within a few days I noticed my total leghorn egg count increased. First few days I'd collect about 6 eggs per day which was usual. The day before yesterday I got 7 eggs. Yesterday I collected 9 eggs from their box, so someone laid twice. (Its rare for me, I don't know about you). Today, there were 9 eggs again, the second day in a row! That's 18 eggs for 2 days, and 25 eggs for 3 days, from 8 hens, and no shell-less eggs, plus one is a brown leghorn and they don't lay as well. I joked that that rooster must be special, but seriously I guess something has triggered an explosion of eggs out of birds that came from 3 other coops.

    I haven't had production like this before. Most were in my larger, crowded coop so moving the leghorns into their own party pad seems to have triggered this. Anyone else ever seen this happen?
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    I have collected eggs many times say at 4pm and the next day at 4pm I have 1 more egg than hens---I just figured they layed after 4pm. I have went into the coop after dark and collected another egg or two---which would have made the count higher than hens the next day I have heard of hens laying 2 eggs in one day---say one shortly after getting off the roost and another before getting on the roost, But if I collect eggs after dark(I work in the evenings 3 evenings out the week) I have never had more eggs than hens the next day. With Leghorns---who knows---they are Laying machines!!

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