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Apr 21, 2008
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(Before I say this, let it be known that I'm not trying to be picky with anyone in particular).

I've just been thinking... It's good etiquette online to break up whatever one is writing into short, easily-read paragraphs with blank lines between them.

If one's rant or complaint or question or emergency description goes on for 100+ lines without a break, it's very hard for me to read it, and in fact, I will probably not put forth the effort to read it, even if I think that person may have something interesting to say. It hurts my eyes to try.

I assume there are plenty of other people here who feel the same way. I feel bad, because I'd love to read certain posts, but the lack of paragraphing makes it hard to do so.

If a person needs to write a rant or essay in a stream-of-consciousness manner, by all means he or she should do so, but also, he or she should go back when finished and add paragraphs. Many eyes will be thankful.

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