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  1. I'm sure some of you wonder, when you go out in the am to see your duck babies, if you are going to see something you don't expect. Well this morning I went out to do my morning chores and as I rounded the side of the house I heard not a peep from my girls. Hmm! I wondered, then I was froze with the fear that something got to them last night.

    As I approached closer and closer to the pen, still no movement or sounds. Typically they are pacing back and forth and making their little quacking noises. But not today. Then I thought, well maybe they got too cold!? As I crouched down and looked inside, I didn't see them. I opened the pen door and that's when I heard them. They were inside their dog house. I guess I had come out a bit early and bothered them while they concentrating on laying thier morning eggs. Phew!! Cocoa came out first then Jade, just as she did I saw her drop her egg right in front of her house. She turned and looked at it then ran out of the pen. I was so releived!!

    Those little eggs were still toasty warm when I washed them off and stuck them in the fridge.

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    I get worried too sometimes when I don't hear them, I can't see the coop from the back porch. One morning I had stood around talking to hubby and usually they start their mouths up when they hear me talking. I stopped and said "Duuuuckies?" and got one loud "Quack!"

    Silly birds.
  3. I think that was the last of their egg laying for the winter!

    I've had a total of 1 egg the past three days. No eggs on Wednesday, one egg yesterday, and no eggs again today. And I noticed that the girls were running around a lot more as if finally freed from the chore of laying eggs every single day!?

    No diaper butt on Jade so I would guess they are done for now. They have been kept outside with no heat just shelter so I bet their clocks are telling them that it's now too cold to lay.

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