Supervisors in the coop...

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    I went out to the coop to remove some of the bedding and just do some general cleaning to the coop and run and wouldn't you know it....I wasn't out there 5 minutes and had a bunch of supervisors.

    [​IMG]Henny Penny and Pretty Girl checking out what I've done.

    [​IMG]Momma checking the floor..I guess it passed her inspection..

    [​IMG] Mini Doodle supervising...
    [​IMG] Nosy decided to join in on the inspection/supervising..

    [​IMG]Momma (background) and Nosy apparently do not like something I me the stink eye...

    [​IMG]Henny Penny inspecting the straw..

    [​IMG] The girls decided to snub me....

    [​IMG]Henny Penny checking out some of the loose straw to see if it fits her specifications...

    [​IMG]It apparently passed inspection....She started scratching in the wheelbarrow..

    [​IMG]and she invited Pretty Girl to join in.. I put the straw that's in the pic down in the run and they had a blast scratching in it...
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    Looks as though they are very pleased with the changes! Those are happy girls!! thanks for sharing.

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