Supper Table Insights

I love that.

My youngest was talking about the dog this morning. "He's so cute. Look at those big things that hang down on his mouth." I told them they are called flews. "They should be called flaps!"

Yes, yes they should.
Lay some babies! poor child has been around chickens too long!
I caught my 3 yr old DD once balancing on the back of the couch doing a tightrope demo...
After I yelled "Becky, what are you doing??????" She replied in a very calm voice......"mommy this is VERY dangerous! never never try this at home"
Oh, the things kids say. Another good one from youngest DS while his ear was firmly planted on a horse's side - "Mom, I can't hear his heart beeping!"

No matter how many times we tell him it's "beating", he always says "beeping". Cracks me up every time, too.
My wife and I had our first child 10 weeks ago... Baby Delia was 3 weeks early and only 5lbs 2oz. My little 4 year old cousin Chandler came to the hospital to see her for the first time. His mom was helping him hold her, and he said in the cutest voice "She's as little as a pickle". A few seconds later he looked at me, grinned and said "She's as cute as a weenie!" I just died laughing.
That kid likes food!

Speaking of Pickles, 2 summers ago we were not allowed to Cal Danno "Danno". He only responded to "Pickle Boy" for 4 solid months.....

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