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    Feb 23, 2009
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    Now that my chickens are kept soley in the barn (thanks to a bad neighbor) and not getting their usual bugs, worms, weeds, and plant do I need to supplement their feed with anything? They're fed layer feed and veggie scraps, but I don't know if their getting enough. How much are chickens supposed to eat?

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    They should be fine with what you are feeding. Some chickens never get more than their feed. If you have hens that are laying you should offer oyster shell. You can toss them a clump of grass (dirt still attached) for entertainment. Black oil sunflower seeds give them a good protein boost and most chickens love them.
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    Depending on what's in your feed, you may want to offer a supplement like kelp meal for vitamins and minerals. Fish meal is a good source of animal protein to replace the bugs, but a good feed should have sufficient protein. Since no 2 birds will have the same nutritional needs, it doesn't hurt to offer supplements even if you know the feed you give is well balanced and always fresh.

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