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    I recently acquired a young chick with wry neck and I've been trying to think of other ways to get the vitamins into her (she's just far too stressed when I separate her to eat anything I give her with the vitamins in it so aside from the polyvisol that I drop on her beak - I was thinking of putting a supplement in they're feed. (ultimately only a selenium OD could be harmful right? ).

    Has anyone ever used a horse supplement? for instance:

    I know I would have to downsize the amount quite a bit.

    My vet suggested feeding tetracycline (so I could just put this in the food or water also right?)

    Then All I need to do is figure out how to feed Vitamin B...

    (( I was also thinking about getting liquid Vit.E - because cutting the gel caps is getting very old very quickly - walgreens claims that they have an E-oil that is save to administer to people orally))

    suggestions? what has everyone else used?
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    How old is she? When I was brooding my chicks, when they were around three weeks old I had three out of eleven that weren't growing well and I was able to put a chicken wire divider in the main pen and separate them from the main bunch of hooligans. This way they were able to see and hear the other birds but they weren't crowded out of the food. For about an hour they were upset but then settled down because they were still part of the flock. They would even sleep cuddled up with the "outside" birds; they just had the wire between them. Within a week, they had grown better and were putting weight on.

    Might something like this work with your wry neck chick? Then you could control what she ate and not worry about whether the other birds will get her vitamins. She may not like being the only bird in quarantine, is there another one that would benefit from separation?

    You might also ask your question in the diseases and emergencies section.

    Good luck,
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    Nov 30, 2009
    New Hampshire
    Thanks [​IMG]

    She's 9 weeks and she's really the only "problem" child.

    I had taken my old parakeet cage (it's 2'x2' and had her in there (she's a tiny bantam) and she could be right next to them, but the others would huddle up on the other side and she would pace & pace ... Maybe I just didn't give her enough time to settle - there is another small one that I guess I could put with her - probably wouldn't hurt for her to get the extra nutrients...

    I ended up finding stuff at TSC that I feel would be safe for all of them to get - they're on just a basic starter feed but I'll read the label first.

    I've posted a few times over there ... [​IMG] haven't had any luck ...
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