Suppose to be an Olive Egger But....


9 Years
Mar 24, 2012
Dawsonville, GA
This little chick is about 4 weeks old. She is suppose to be a third generation Olive Egger. First Generation was BCM and EE. They took those chicks and breed it back with an unrelated BCM. Then I think they took those pullets and breed them back to another unrelated BCM. I want a chicken that lays an olive egg. Here's my problem. This chick looks like it has a single comb. I think to have an olive egg,, she would need to have a pea comb. What is your opinion?

Olivia in front. I will try to find a comb picture....

Nope, not a good shot. Anyway, sometimes it looks pea and sometimes single. Can anyone tell me if she would have to have the pea comb to have olive eggs?
So does that mean she will have brown eggs and not the olive colored ones? I got her strickly to get olive colored eggs. Would they be brown or kahki? I
I have a bunch of maran ameraucana mix, (I think), olive eggers and they have single combs. Mine are only 3.5 weeks, though, and I'm having a time identifying a bunch of others with them.
I read somewhere that only the chicks with the pea comb will have green/blue eggs. It's on the gene. Anyway, that is why I am sad that my little olive egger looks like it has a single comb. I may be seeing it wrong...she is still small and sometimes I only see three ridges and sometimes I think it is 5 ridges.

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