Supposed to be Sultans


7 Years
Aug 21, 2012
I received these as day old chicks about 3 months ago. They do not have feathered feet (can't see that in the pic). Can anyone tell me what breed and gender they are?

they look like polish. what hatchery did you get them from? did you get any extra as well with the shipment? top is a pullet bottom is a cockerel (you probably know that though :) )
I am questioning the gender of the 2nd, because my Polish (the ones that were actually supposed to BE Polish) cockeral, same age, had a much different, almost "stringy" crest with large wattles, while this one has neither. I got them from Ideal Hatchery, and over 50% of my entire order was incorrect. BTW, everything I ordered (except the ducks) were St. Run, if that tells you had bad it was! It was a small order, too. I ordered 2 mallards, received Rouen. One of the d'Uccle's I ordered came the wrong color, the frizzle I am told is a double frizzle, and the two sultans that I ordered are Polish. You are positive the second is a cockeral?
yes a 85% positive. he has the long slender pointed saddles that only cockerels get. the reason he lacks wattles is because he is bearded and thats how a bearded should be.
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The pic is deceiving, sorry. I tried to get a better close up, but I will have to wait until I have an extra set of hands to hold him/her still. The saddle feathers are rounded, but the pic makes them look pointed because of the buff point with white lace. I was wondering if that was what made you say roo. I had originally thought them both to be cockeral because of crest formation, but that has changed drastically in the last 2 weeks. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed for no crowing! Thanks everyone!

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