Supposedly RIR? Is that correct?

RIR or Red Sex-Link?

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5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
Hi All! I am a first time chicken owner, just starting to build my little flock of backyard chickens! Got 3 of these little beauties today from my local feed store- they are 6 days old and the sales girl was very nice. I talked to her on the phone before heading to the store (since Easter was yesterday I wasn't sure if there would be any in stock). She said that the breed wasn't labelled on this particular shipment but she thought they were RIR. I went and picked them up and headed home- now looking at them I don't know whether to think they are RIR or Red sex-links? They are pretty light- but I am a total novice, so I need help! I'm actually okay with it either way, I just want to make sure I know which breed I have. Hehe. I don't want to be claiming RIR if they aren't, and vice versa.
Here are a few pictures of each of them, I can try to take some more pics soon - Just putting the baby down for a nap now :)


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