Suppressing Dust From Incubator – Brooder Setup

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    During production season 5 cohorts at 28-day interval are set with approximately 72 chicken eggs (Dominique and Dominique crosses) for incubation and brooding through three weeks post-hatch. Presently I do this indoors in my man-room which is basement and connected to our food pantry. Problem is dust coming from brooder. I use wood pellets as bedding and feed chick starter for duration of brooder phase. Problem is dust coming from brooder. It gets all over and contaminates fish tanks. Any ideas on how to control dust?
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    The dust actually comes from the chicks.

    "There is a dust that appears around the brooding area when you have chicks. This is created by small amounts of protein that comes off the chicks feces as they dry out. The dust is commonly called ‘Chick Dust'. Commercially, there are extraction systems that remove most of this through the ventilation and many producers wear masks so they don't inhale the dust. If you intend to raise chicks indoors, chick dust can be a real nuisance so it is better to raise your chicks outside in a garage or outbuilding where the dust won't be too much of a problem."

    Lot's of vigilant cleaning..............


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