Suprise hatching eggs 1 dozen

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    Aug 11, 2007
    These will be mainly purebred eggs. From any of my pens. I have buff orpingtons, Barred rocks, Cochin, Black Silky, White silky, all seperated into breeding pens. I do not have many of each so I can not do a whole dozen of any one thing. This is a great chance to get some good layers and have a variety of birds. There might also be included some mixed eggs (A Light Brahma rooster over Favorelle hens, or Barred rooster over Rhode Island red hens) Will be whatever eggs are layed the day before I ship them. At least a dozen may be extras.
    $5 plus shipping Last time I shipped it was $13 but whatever the actual cost is thats what you will pay.

    I have more pictures if interested.

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