Sure he is nice when he wants something


12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
Northern Michigan
Let the girls out today. Everyone came running out except big daddy my leg horn roo. I was like ok and went in to check on him. Sometime last night or early morning he got a string wrapped around both his legs. He could walk but he could only move his legs like 3 inches. I thought for sure I was in for a fight so I went back in grabbed my 13 year old son for some help.

You need to understand me and big daddy, we have mutual respect for each other. He doesnt mess with me I dont mess with him. He tried to flog me once and got a boot to the butt and since that day he gives me a wide berth. He isnt the type to let you touch him in anyway shape or form. He protects his girls and does an excellent job of taking care of the flock.

But this morning my son and I went back into the coop I had the thick leather work gloves on and I had a fishing net ready to go if he tried to run. But I was surprised there he was just standing in the corner, I bent down and picked him right up. He never squawked, flapped his wings, nothing. I held his legs out and my son removed the string around his legs. We had walked outside to get better light to make sure there were no injuries. We got the string off checked him real good and I put him down. He puffed up his feathers and shook himself off. And that was it. He was running with the girls and crowing his head off when I left to go to work.
Isn't it uncanny how they "know" you are just there to help them, and not hurt. My g.f. had a horse that caught her leg between the boards in the stall and the outer metal and she was a mess, trying to get it out. Friend said when she came out there with a saw, and her elderly aunt held the horses head, that horse never moved a muscle because she knew friend was trying to help her, not hurt her. Didn't mess her leg up at all, but sure was scary for awhile!! Glad he didn't get hurt from it!!

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