Surprise Dozen Auction!!

Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

Fluffy Feather Farm
12 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
On this auction you can pick and choose what eggs you want. Currantly I have around 2 dozen+ Easter Egger eggs, 2 dozen+ Olive Egger eggs, and others. Eggs are $2.00 each. PM me with what you want. If you have any questions please PM me.

Send PayPal to: [email protected]

Shipping depends on how many eggs you want, and where you are located.

Might also have other eggs available like Seramas or others, but must PM to check on availability.
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Okay here are the Easter Egger hens

Olive Egger hens

Olive Egger Roosters

Bantam Lavender Ameraucana roo

LF Lavender Ameraucana Roosters hatched from CRYSTALCREEK

Darker Lav AM from Crystal

Mixed rooster

Black Orpington

Egg Pictures

There are more roosters in the pen, but I just do not have the time to do any more pictures. This is what I did all morning.

~ Aspen
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