Surprise Sumatra hybrid! I wonder...


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
A week before Easter I bought a blue Jersey Giant hen from a local amateur breeder, and he gave me 2 day old babies with her (not hers). 1 of them died, but the other, Raven, is alive and well but a little odd. He believed she was pure Jersey Giant, hatched with a project clutch of Jersey/Brahma hybrids, but clearly she is not pure JG or Brahma cross. His pride and joy are his Sumatras, and I think little Raven might be an oops baby. I am not very familiar with Sumatras, but I know enough to recognize her eyes, beak, comb, feather color and growth pattern, and especially her forked tail, all look Sumatran. However, she is a little heavy, and has an odd, almost kiwi-like hump-shaped back and shuffling walk that look neither Sumatran nor Jersey Giant. She sticks very close to my Americauna, Sonora, and is wary but handleable. I love her very much, and I wonder what to expect as she matures. Is anybody here somewhat familiar with Sumatras or Sumatra hybrids? What are your thoughts on my special girl? Thank you!

*Edit: I forgot, the chick in my avatar photo is also Raven. Looks like Jersey colors to me, but she's not growing up that way!



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Jul 16, 2015
What color are the bottom of the feet? It doesn't look Sumatra to me. They are lighter, and have darker skin and legs. They are very gamey. Sounds like maybe she has a back problem too?


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Feb 19, 2019
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I don't see any evidence that the pullet in question has any Sumatra in her. I would guess she's a Black Jersey Giant. She doesn't have the size I would expect from one and the photo is a little out of focus so it's hard to make a definite guess. The comb appears to be single though.

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