Surprising First Egg at 17 Weeks!


Jun 7, 2021
Olympic Peninsula, Washington
So this morning, I had quite a surprise! There was an odd looking egg inside our Magpie's area. I was not expecting to see an egg until late September. The Magpies are only 17 weeks old and I know that is correct because I have had them since they were baby ducklings. There has been a lot of mating behavior lately. And I am also positive the egg was from these ducks because they have a large quack shack surrounded by electric poultry netting for their "yard".
Also, the egg white and green crusting on one end of it. At first, I thought it was rotten, but it doesn't smell and was not there yesterday, so would not have time to sit and rot.
We have 21 Magpies with 7 drakes. I know that's too many drakes and we plan to thin them soon.
I am wondering if anyone else has had a duck lay early like this and if it was a one-off occurrence, or if you think whichever duck laid that egg will keep it up. I clearly have no idea which lady it was. Also, have you seen green crust on a first egg?
This is my first time raising ducks.


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