Survey: How often and how much rotation when you turn?


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Oct 5, 2007
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I was reading somewhere and I saw that someone had eggs that were shipped and there was a problem with the yolk. This person did not turn or even move the eggs for the first week and she got a good hatch rate.

So I was wondering if you move the eggs less is it better than if you move them more. Guess-ti-mates are fine, I just want an idea.

So how do you turn your eggs? (flip, gently wiggle, turner, etc)

How often do you turn them?

How was your hatch rate?
Work schedules only allow 2/day turning during the week, but we turn at least 3 times a day, some times 5, on week ends. Normal hatch rate averages 1 in two dozen (or so) that dosn't hatch out.
I turn mine 3 times a day, also every few days i turn the eggs 1/4 of a turn within their little slot. Its really easy with the egg cartons, i just flip them over to the other side, they are done in less than 2 mins.


Like Katy, I also have CRS, and therefore use the auto turner that came with the Turn-X incubator. Think it turns them every half hour.


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