Survived my first year and winter

Kate E

Jun 30, 2017
It's nearly 50 degrees today in SE Wisconsin so I think we can officially call it Spring. I am coming up on the one year anniversary of my chicken keeping adventure and I can officially say I made it through my first Wisconsin winter with chickens. I wouldn't call it a breeze... I had a scare with a sick chicken in Januray (she pulled through), some isssues with bumblefoot and we are still dealing with leg mites on one of our girls but all in all I think my first year and first winter were a success. The girls are back to full laying capacity and we are enjoying the fruits of their labor. I'm looking forward to consistency in Spring weather so we can do some coop and run sprucing/ planting. For now the girls are enjoying more free range/ yard time and I'm enjoying caring for them in above freezing temps! Everyone seems to be happy and healthy.


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