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May 15, 2012
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My Bantam was attacked by a hawk yesterday. The hawk ran off as I approached it, the bantam was lifeless. I went to secure the other chickens when I came back the chicken was gone. I assumed the hawk came back for its kill but I was wrong! This morning the bantam was trying to get into the chicken house.

I've since secured him in a pen and gave him food and water. I've treated his wounds with BluKote. Called the vet and that was their recommendation. Should I be giving him any special food? He is still sore and moving slowly, hoping he pulls through.

Any suggestions?
I would put him in an isolation area with a heat lamp and plenty of xtra protein in addition to feed - like scrambled eggs. Keep an eye on his wound sites to assure no infection sets in. I had a turkey wounded once and vet prescribed banamine for pain, but since banamine might make your banty too sluggish, as long as he is eating and drinking I would say not to administer, just my humble, untrained opinion. Hoping and praying he makes it through
He is doing much better. I called the Vet and they suggested using BlueKote and I've been applying it daily. He'll only eat cracked corn but he is finally starting to stand and hold his tail feathers up and crowing loudly! Thanks for the advice!

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