Survivor chicken ...


9 Years
Feb 9, 2010
Greer, SC
This is the lone survivor from a large free range flock of my bf's. Can anyone help with her breed?

She is slowly but surely letting me befriend her. I sit on the ground and toss her corn kernels ... She's getting within a 4 feet of me, but not much closer.

YES!!! I was right! I thought with the yellow legs, tail feathers and single comb .... leghorn, but I'm such a newbie to discerning breeds I wanted some expert help.
looks like a white leghorn to me if that is a single comb. I can't see the comb very well... but body type, tail and all looks just like my henrietta the white leghorn, body type is nothing like my white rocks.
Yup, she does have a floppy single comb. I've tried to count the points, but can't get her to sit still long enough.

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