Survivors of fox attack

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    My flock got attacked by a fox today. I have 3 hens that are injured around the neck area and underneath their wings. Puncture wounds and "slashes" up to 2 inches long. They look pretty bad and I almost want to stitch them up.......
    One of the hens is not really that bad injured but seems to be totally traumatized, just sitting on the floor with her head resting on the ground and just in total shock.
    I isolated them from the rest of the flock (still 5 hens missing). They are in the coop but separated with chicken wire from the rest.
    What can I do about the puncture wounds and the long slashes? I guess the one that is totally traumatized I guess I just have to wait and let her "mentally recover", she is actually the one with the least amount of physical injury.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Once you disinfect/clean the wounds you can use super glue to bring the skin together over the slashes. Thats what my vet did. Leave one end about a 1cm open though so it can drain. Just check it every day for the first week that it doesn't rip open again. By then it will have made a seal. If your worried about how to do it, here's a video of someone doing it to their friends leg, its a little graphic but clean(not bloody).

    The puncture wounds are better left to heal as they are after they're cleaned so they can drain.

    The "traumatised" one might have got a knock on the head. Make sure she stays warm. Also vitamins in everyones water!

    Good luck with them

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