Suspected broken wing


9 Years
May 14, 2010
North Edwards, CA
My white turken cockerel has a suspected broken wing. I didn't notice anything wrong with him until this morning after I let my chickens out and I noticed his wing was drooping. The underside of his wing is bruised completely and has a hard swollen spot with a open wound. He looks so miserable. No doubt about that (I had a broken ankle in 2009 and that was worse pain than my cancer pain I had years earlier).

Anyways. I wrapped an ace bandage around his wing and body leaving the good wing out of it and I made sure it wasn't wrapped too tightly. He can walk. I put him in a crate away from the other chickens so he can rest. He has food and water in there and he positioned himself to where he can lay there and eat and drink. I will let him out while I am in the chicken house (I visit with my chickens frequently throughout the day).

Is there anything else I can be doing for him right now? I would put him down to save him the pain but I have been wanting a white turken for so long and I was so happy when he hatched out last November. I really want to try to get him better. Will leaving the ace bandage on him stiffen his wing?

This is my first time dealing with this with a chicken.
Do you have someone with more chickens nearby who might be able to come take a look and help you out? I feel badly as we are getting our first chickens only this Sunday and I didn't want your post to sit here unanswered. What about calling a vet? As a pet would he be worth having the wing splinted? I hope some other knowledgable chickens folks get on here really soon. Ouch!
It sounds like you are doing a great job! That is what I would have done too. Keep him isolated and quiet for a few days and then take the bandage off and see how he does in a small space (like your bathtub or bathroom).
This is my little white turken cockerel, Fluffers. He somehow got his bandage off last night. I checked his wing this morning and the swelling is still feeling hard. I cooked him a soft egg but he won't eat it.


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