Suspected ILT-should I isolate?? or is it too late??

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    I'm in the Phoenix area. We left for a quick weekend away and our friends, who co-own our flock of 7 laying hens with us, took care of the birds. On getting home Sunday afternoon, we let the hens out to free-range...didn't notice anything unusual. I cleaned out their coop, put fresh hay in their boxes, etc. But on Monday, my daughter noticed that one of our red sex-links (7 mo.) was slower than the rest, almost lethargic, and quieter than usual, with a funny-sounding "bok". My son said she was "making funny noises" yesterday when he went to give them fresh water; today, my daughter came running freaked out because she saw blood (or something like it) down the hen's breast. She is gasping for air and extending her neck when she breathes; obviously struggling. Something wet down her breast, but I can't tell if it's blood or not. She has white "goo" all around her vent. No idea if she's laying or not, as we are getting the same amount of eggs we've been getting per day for the past 10 days. Not moving much. She was sitting on the floor of the hen house while everyone else ran out to free-range. She got up when I came out to look at her, and is currently sitting in a puddle of water that is in our tree-well. This is how we help them cool off in the heat; they don't usually squat in the water but like to walk through it. She is squatting in the water.
    Long story short, I'm pretty sure after some research it's ILT. We got the chicks from a big breeder through a local feed store at 1 day old. The vet I was referred to only has one who sees hens and she won't be in till Friday...I left a message so she will know what's up and hopefully I'll get a call soon. But in the meantime, should I separate her from the rest of the flock? Or is it too late and we're just going to have to deal with this in the whole flock?
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    Welcome to BYC. Yes, I would isolate the sick chicken. It sounds like she could have ILT with symptoms you have described. It is a virus, and is usually a reportable illness in most states. There isn't any treatment, but you can give Tylan or oxytetracycline and other antibiotics to help prevent secondary infections. I would recommend that you get her tested, or cull her and send her for a necropsy by the state vet. I think AZ is kind of high for necropsies, but California may be a better option. Sorry that you are dealing with this.
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    x2. Get an actual diagnosis so you can have a plan. Isolate her, and either try meds, or have her posted very soon. mary
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