Suzanne is sick, opens her mouth wide as if to vomit..


10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
My poor chicken is not eating right, just pecks gingerly at small pieces of food, like soft corn kernels and lettuce. I thought maybe she had a blockage in her throat and it was hurting her to eat, especially since she seemed to be drooling and would open her mouth wide as if to retch.

I picked her up and opened up her mouth and saw a horrible ugly yellow mass at the back of her throat, like a big glob of hardened pus. It was not fluid, so it would not drain but I managed to break off a few chunks of it with a small nail and it was obviously quite painful for her.

Later today, I realized she would die because she was not eating so decided to do "surgery" on the mass even though it might traumatize her to the point of killing her. She is 8 years old. I was able to remove 90% of the growth with either scraping or plucking out chunks with a tweezers. It had a horrible smell to it.

She did eat a little later on but is now hard to approach since she remembers the pain of the ordeal . I really don't have a vet option because where I am at, chickens are considered low cost farm animals and vets won't even look at them

I hate to lose her, I have had her for 6 years and she is a well loved pet ;like the other 6.

She is weak due to lack of food and her body fighting this infection, she can still jump up on the roost but I don't know what to do to knock down whatever infection has invaded her throat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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