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Jun 15, 2022
Hello, I've leaned on this website for 20+ years and just realized that I wasn't an actual member. I just fixed that and it said to post an introduction, so here goes:

I live in East Grays Harbor County in SW Washington State. We've been on our 5.3-acre property since 2002. We've raised a lot of different fowl, but we have recently scaled down to just 13 layer chickens (and a rooster) and 3 peafowl, with 5 peacock eggs in an incubator (fingers crossed!) We also have a couple of goats, 3 dogs, 3.5 cats (one is a stray) a Bearded Dragon and an Axolotl. My spouse is a H.S. teacher, I am a working artist, we have a 19-yr-old daughter, and we have a massive garden for both perennials and food.

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