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    Okay we now have 12 swans at the rehab been a bad winter for them I have a question today I saw two of them breeding
    Wouldn't it be to early in the year and if they lay an eggs how long to hatch? As a rule we take eggs away we do not allow breeding on site we have enough mouths to feed LOL
    This is just the first time we have had swans in and out for years never had eggs before
    You all remember what killed the cat LOL
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    If the male is breeding the female it doesn't mean she is laying. It means he is male and starting to feel his spring oats.

    In about a month it will be the season for waterfowl to begin laying. Take the eggs when she starts laying and she will continue to lay for a few months.

    Incubate them if you can. We need more swans in this world.

    If you can't incubate them send them to me!! LOL
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    Quote:Ha I was going to say the same thing!
    I'll be glad to hatch them out. Most waterfowl will start to lay in Feb. with March being the usual peek. Though I have ducks laying like crazy now?
    Let them breed, you can find a home for those very easily, as mentioned, sounds like we'll both take some! LOL

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