6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
We live in Florida with many predators above, below ground and in the nearby creek. Our daughter has a chicken truck to move around for them to forage in fresh ground. I'm going to try that, but also have a permanent coop to move them to for security. We are in Ohio now and will be in Florida soon. I'm excited to also try encouraging them to be friendly as I have read in your forum. Soon to be chicken lover, Swany
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I think a solid coop and run will be safer than a chicken tractor. Seems like everywhere predators are coming out of the woodwork and much bolder than they used to be.
Thank you drumstick, a valid point to consider. Will let you know my final decision, thanks for the advice. Swany
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Some predators will gain access to the coop by digging under the fence of the run, so if you have lots of predators rather keep your flock in a stationary coop with a buried apron around the run and a solid floor, for when you are not around to keep an eye out. A dog on the property will be a good deterrent too. Just make sure it doesn't turn from shepherd to wolf and attack your birds!

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