Swapping mommas


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Dec 31, 2014
North Dakota
I have two hens that wanted to set on the same clutch of eggs. One hen was a tiny silver seabright and the other was a speckled Sussex. The sussex finally pushed the seabright out and bless her heart she tried setting a couple of nests over. I put a few of the smaller eggs from the original nest under her? Has anyone done this? How were the results? I also would like to move the two groups of hens and eggs to quiter, safer place. Can I do that? Also they are taking up valuable nest space.
I dont know to much about this just what i have read in threads here on byc.. but from what i read i would try to do it at night when the hens are sleeping i think thats when you would have the best results. Sorry i coyldnt be more help hopefully someone more experienced can add on!
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Personally, I have lost clutches by trying to move the mammas. Two broody hens will often raise chicks together if they hatch close to the same time.

Just put a box on the floor and the layers can use that for a while.
I have put extra nest boxes on the floor and none of the others will use them. They are laying wherever they feel like but I'll keep trying. I'm getting more nest boxes. My flock just keeps getting bigger. I think all chicken lovers can identify with this problem.

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