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Jan 2, 2014
When do their beaks change color so I can tell their sex? I have all black beaks. I dont think I could be lucky enough to have hatched all hens. Also, how old will they be when true feather coloring comes in or does it not really change?

We have 4 Swedes that just turned 1 year this week. 1 Drake and 3 hens.

Our Drake, Lars, has a green bill that started to change from black at around 3 weeks.... he has the brightest orange feet of all 4.

He is the second one in the row.....

This little one so far has the most color on the feet. The rest 4 out of 6 are solid black. One has a spot of pink between the toes and the one wrapped I havent looked except when doctoring. What I remember is it looked like the rest solid beaks and solid feet or only a spot or two of color on them. All the beak are black.
I have 2 Swedes that I raised from ducklings (they'll be a year old next month). I ended up with one duck and one drake. But, the ONLY way I could tell them apart was because my duck was the LOUD one. Seriously. Her quack is quite different from his quiet, raspy quack. Hers is crystal clear. His was always raspy and much quieter. Their bills and feet looked quite similar when they were younger and I never noticed if one's feet are brighter orange than the other... I'll have to look when I get home. Now, I'm curious. LOL
I know that black bills are hens and green are drakes.From the research I have done on here and the net. But what I'm wondering is if they change as they age? If not I have mostly hens. Same with the feathering? Will that change? I got these when they were a few months or older. So I havent seen ducklings.
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