sweet corn


10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
i planted ambrosia treated sweet corn 11 days or so ago ive been watering every other day or so i just recently seen yesterday that some is coming up some higher then others and most of it has not even come up yet we are having a drought here and its going to get worse and hotter is this normal for some to come and others not if i wait will the others come up? same with my green beanse

irragte like i said i just wanted to no thats its normal for some to sprout up before others? they would be in the ground for 2 weeks this friday im in indiana its been 11 days and now things are starting to come up i just wondering if its normal to have some up and others not and will the others come up? i really just wanna no if the rest will come up or will i need to till her up friday and replant?

last night i dug up the bean seeds they were rotted with mold on em i think its the seeds their junk i had trouble with the company in the past and i no people who have so i tilled up the bean beds today i dont no what i will plant their now i looked over the corn some more has come up but not alot more i also dug up a seed its sprouted with lil roots and yellow shoot at the end what yall think
I will plant my bean and pea seeds this weekend. I've planted corn here too in Ohio. All these plants usually come up at the same time. I'll bet the drought is affecting you, but that doesn't explain the beans being rotten. That is strange.

I water, water, water every day here in Ohio once June starts. It's the only way I get a nice crop.
Gardens are so much work! That's for sure, but I love to garden.

Good luck with yours, and my advice is to plant again, and water, water, water. Make sure you get some fresh seeds too. One year we planted leftover seeds from the prior year, and we only got like a half crop.
i said the heck with the green beans im going to town get some egg plants to put in their and the other beane patch i sowed in watermelon and muskmelon and more sun flower seeds in it hopefully they come up i think im going to leav the corn as it is versus going out buying more seeds tilling againg and replanting hopefully only lose ten percent of the crop
mine usually alwyas comes up within a day or 2. are they all planted at the same depth? maybe some are a little deeper?

did you innoculate your bean seeds??? sometimes you have to if you are not planting in the same place from year to year. you will get much better sprouting rates if innoculated.

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