Swelling on foot with black scab

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  1. Aimee2013

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    Nov 15, 2013

    I brought a hen home from the farm due to her not walking n not being able to get to the food.

    She is eating but she isn't walking still.

    Every day twice a day I soak her foot in warm salt water and I think it is helping. She did have a thorn in her food that we removed at the farm. I could lance her foot and apply a poultice with vet wrap. But I've never had chickens before so I'm not too sure what to do. I've been reading that it could be bumble foot? :( poor girl
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    Mar 12, 2013
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    Im seconding the bumblefoot. It probably came from the thorn that you removed from the farm..
    You should really have a vet try to treat it but I know a lot of people on here dont have access to a vet or dont really want to take them to a vet due to the cost. So below is a like to a post where I gave someone so information on how to perform the surgery with a walk through and video included. Hope this helps!:)
    Link: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/840609/bumble-foot#post_12414106
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    Some people use epsom salt soaks for bumblefoot. Others have used a product called TricideNeo for soaking that they sell in fish stores and online. I don't do much for bumblefoot unless it is red and swollen or causing limping or pain. Then I cut a disk around the the back scab with a scalpel blade. You have to squeeze very hard in different areas around the wound to get the solid pus core out. Then pack t with Neosporin, gaze, and wrap with vet wrap strips or duct tape strips. Change the bandage every 2 days for a week or so.
  4. Aimee2013

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    Nov 15, 2013
    I have been soaking her foot in warm salt water for the past few days twice a day for 20 minuets the lump is no longer hard or red I pulticed her foot yesterday and this morning the scab came off I then pulticed it again this morning and she was standing on her foot when I first checked her when I got home so I am looking forward to looking at it tomorrow morning as the scab was off when I pulticed it I hope its taken out some of the swelling when I squeezed her foot no puss came out and I squeezed it pretty hard but she is a lovely girl she just lays on my lap. When checking my other two chickens one is fine but the other looks like she has two plugs one on each foot but no swelling so it looks like she has previously had bumble foot. as I got them both from the same place will it be something from the farm. Since I got her the others peck he when she is laying down and her eye has swolen up there is a gap where i can see her eye and hopefully when she is walking again they will leave her alone and stop pecking her as much is there now anything I can do to help her with her eye? its just one thing after another right now lol.

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