Swelling under wing joint

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    Jul 7, 2012
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    I have a 6 month old EE who had been acting a little off. Still eating great, but hanging by herself and just seemed a bit off. I picked her up a few days ago and notice a very firm swelling about the size of a golf ball directly under her left wing joint. I found a small area of discolored skin that looks like it may be a bruise, but no open wounds that would indicate injury from one of the other chickens. It is very hard and seems to be right at the joint where the wing meets the body. She has not lost any weight, eats great and doesn't act painful when I manipulate her wing. Any thoughts on wether this is an injury or a possible mass? I would love to take her to the vet and have it x-rayed, but I just cannot afford that right now. Any suggestions on what I should do for her? Should I just leave it be since its doesn't seem to be bothering her? other than her being more subdued, she seems fine. Thanks in advance for any advice?

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