Swimming turkeys?


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May 16, 2011
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My goose has a swimming hole in the yard that gets filled on hot days. Yesterday my 10 turkey flock thats about 5-6 weeks old are out and go to get a drink and I watched several get a drink then step in and briefly splash across the puddle and out again.

Do I have dain bramaged birds or is this a common behavior when they get hot?
I am pretty sure its common especially if it is hot outside.No need to worry.They didnt drown or anything.
Hey GUESS WHAT?!?!?!!?
My turkey (before she died) LOVED to swim, so it's normal! But becareful, because if the water is too deep they can drown (perhaps not above their wings?) So anyway,
I HAVE a brain damaged turkey-- and I don't mean that in a bad way, because he is the SWEETEST thing I've ever met

Hope I helped!
They are fond of water even when it is relatively mild. When it is hot, they'll go they extra distance to get their feet wet. Our big Slate cleared the 6ft. fence late last Spring, just after dark, to hunker down in a hog bowl full of it.

We keep several of these filled and change water a couple times a day.

None have ever tried to fly into, or across, the pond. This is a good thing. The turkey, like a chicken, will bob around on the surface for a bit but, after the feathers start to become leaden with water, they'll then sink like stones.

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Oregon Blues wrote: You've heard of the bird baths that people keep in their yards for the tweeties? All birds like to get into shallow water and splash a bit.

Our chooks rarely avail themselves of watery respite from the heat, they'll hang around if they think a night crawler might be rising from the `flood'. They prefer:


Have seen many birdies bathing but the tom above is the only turkey I've ever seen sleeping in water (he was startled when he heard me and about dumped the bowl trying to stand up in a hurry).

Some girls...

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