Swine flu... Wish Me Luck.


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I'm a RN in the state of NY. I'm going to be going to Albany NY on Tuesday to the capital to address and protest the mandatory vaccinations. Wish me luck. Any of you in NY please come out and help us fight for our freedom of choice. We may lose our livelihoods out of a desire to have say over our own bodies.
I'm a retired RN. I could not believe it when I read they would/might force health care workers to take this vaccine. Even school kids can avoid vaccines if the parents understand how to go about it. Just one more example of the growing trend of discarding our rights. You go, girl. (Well, if you're a girl!)
I read another topic on here stating that there is imbalming fluid and mercury in the swine flu shots. Thats a bit scary if true. Those are not good for the body. I also heard that there have been bad effects from taking these shots. I dont know how much of it is rumor. But I dont even take regular flu shots. I seem to get sicker when I get them.
Good Luck!! If it comes down to mandatory shots for my 7 yr old to go to school then I will be looking for bail money to get me out of jail for not sending him to school. I know my ABC's and where my dang countries are. I can teach him if that's the case. My 13yr old who lives with my parents (another story) just got over a case of swine flu. It was no where near the kind of illness the media has made it out to be and I WILL NOT be getting shots for my family. Vaccines in general are a good thing but I think this is insanity.
No Shots......... you fight... we will fight with you..... I had the swine flu, it was the tamiflu tabs that nearly finished me off! .........

EC jumps on soapbox and demands support against mandatory vaccines.......
I really thought that freedom of choice was still an option. It's pretty disturbing really. Like some social sci-fi novel come to life. Reminds me in a way of a cross between Farenheit 451 and The Handmaids Tale. I think if enough nurses and healthcare workers put their foot down we'll be OK. The problem is so many fear loss of income in this economy.
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