Switch from whole grains to Cascade by Magill Ranch??

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I'm having a terrible time deciding if I should switch from Greener Pastures Farm's whole grain recipe to Cascade Layer by Magill Ranch. I can get it for $28 from Azure Standard and would be a lot cheaper than what we're paying for whole org. grains. It would also be nice not to have so many 5 gal. buckets of grains that have to be mixed. My chickens, 6 mos.-2 yrs. old have always been on whole grains soaked in water and a little ACV. They have been healthy and beautiful. So, has anyone ever switched from whole grain to Magill Ranch? Any dif. in chickens? Any dif. in eggs? Anything us obsessively organic people wouldn't like about it? It's been a long time since I've looked into what to feed chickens.

Why don't you order a bag or two and see if you and the hens are happy? I supplement the Cascade food with some sprouted oats and chopped spinach every day. My pullets are doing great but you need to be the one to judge the results for yourself.
I mix my feed and it is around $.54 a pound but I mix in just a little organic layer pellets. My recipe is on my BYC page.

What keeps my costs down is that I buy almost everything from the feed store, and the only organic items I buy are the layer pellets for treats and organic cracked corn (and organic starter for my chicks until 6 weeks of age).
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I am also interested in feedback on Cascade Layer. We have been thinking about switching our chickens to organic, non-GMO, non-soy feed and are in the research process to find a brand that is good and not out of this world expensive. I would love to mix our own eventually but just want to take the first step to organic right now. We were just looking at the Cascade Layer on Azure this morning. We are also looking at Modesto Milling's organic poultry feed since they are only about 1 hour from us and several feed stores close to us sell their products.
Hi! Kind of an older thread, but I was wondering how your chickens did on the Cascade feed. We are looking into switching and are really excited about this feed. Would like some feedback on it if possible.
I've been using it for 3-4 months now and the chickens seem to like it. Some of our whole grains and legumes had been getting harder to get and I wasn't giving them what they really needed anymore. I feel much better knowing they're getting a balanced diet and we don't have to mix it! Yay!! The chickens are looking healthy. For some reason one stopped laying right after we switched and I occasionally see runny egg coming out of her vent (no idea why~only her). I wish my memory wasn't so terrible. I cannot remember if the other chickens slowed down in their laying after the switch. They have now, but it's 98 degrees! I'm pretty sure their shells are thinner but not bad. The yolks are lighter but I can't remember if that happened right away or only after we stopped letting them out of the tractor (they destroyed the neighbors newly planted front flower beds!!!!). Their tractors do get moved every few days but it's not the same as free-ranging. I remember thinking the food must be affecting the color of the yolks. Also, we were having a chicken die from Maerek's (pretty sure) every month for 9 mos. before we switched. No more dead chickens!! Another hen had lost all her tail feathers (HARD molt?) and they quickly grew back. Anyway, I'm probably not much help with my memory probs but I'm happy with the Cascade. I'm happy that I don't have to stress about what to feed the chickens anymore. I guess if I had more time and money I'd do whole grains again and grow worms for them. Cascade is working very well for now!

Hope this helps!

Okay, my chickens have been on the Cascade Layer by Magill Ranch for about 9 mos. now. They still aren't laying. I go check about every 5 days and might get 4 eggs out of 13 hens. It seems to be the same 2 hens laying. Most of the chickens were 2 yo in the spring . I didn't expect them to slow down so soon. I have 3 new hens (Easter Egger and Production Red). The PR may have layed a few eggs but the Easter Eggers from Ideal have never layed and they must be atleast 7 mos now. Is it the feed? Anything I could EASILY add to it to help? My eighth child is on the way so I really want to keep it simple.


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