Switching cocci medicine?

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    Is it OK to switch cocci medicine from Sulmet to Corid mid-stream?

    I had Sulmet and have done the first two days at the 2 tbsp/gal rate - 4 days at the 1 tbsp/gal rate to go.

    While at my local Coastal, I found liquid Corid, which Peter Brown and many of you on here prefer.

    I was wondering, could I stop the Sulmet and do the Corid for the regular cycle (5 days 1 tsp/gallon)? Or will that put me back in terms of curing the chicks? The only reason I ask is I know it's easier on thier insides than the sulfa-based drugs. I have 4 days to go with Sulmet, and the regular Corid treatment is five days, so it's not a big difference in time.

    I'm not 100% it's cocci, but a couple of the chicks have their heads pulled in and doing some fluffed up huddling, and there are no other symptoms like a respiratory disease. Still eating and drinking some, but I got worried after my first bout earlier this season and decided to treat quickly rather than wait for worse symptoms.

    And I'm not even sure how these chicks got cocci since they were all hatchery/feed store chicks (they came from a couple of different feed stores) and have been inside the whole time. The only thing I can think of is I moved them into the crate I had some older chicks in before I moved those outside. I did take those chickens outside and back in again once or twice before permanently moving them out. So maybe they picked up something on the ground and carried it back in? They're not sick though.

    Should I stick with the Sulmet and finish it through, or start with the Corid instead?

    Thanks a bunch!

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