switching from starter togrowing?

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    My chicks are 6 to 6.5 weeks old, eating like pigs and growing like weeds. I have to go get feed before I leave for T'giving so that their 'sitter' doesn't run out. I read that I should switch them to 'growth' feed around 8 weeks. I will be out of starter before then:

    1] Is it OK to start "growth" food a week or 2 early? Would leaving them on starter until 1 - 11 weeks be better?

    2] Do I need to mix the feed for transition [as I would for puppies when switching foods], or can I just start the growth ration when I run out of starter?

    In a quandry here, and hae to buy feed today -- leaving tomorrow.[​IMG]

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    mixing is usually best...but in all reality there isn't a huge difference in the feeds...as far as better to go long or short on the starter...probably won't make a uge whoopy either way.

    I would buy the grower and mix it with what you have left...about 50/50
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    mine were switched to "broiler" at 6 weeks because that's when they ran out of starter. i didn't mix my new and old feed, but that was because the formula was the exact same but the broiler wasn't as finely ground. if the protein level or other ingredients change from one to the other, i would mix it if you can.

    that was two weeks ago and they are still growing growing growing and are active as can be!
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    Quote:Couldn't agree more! [​IMG]

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