Swollen around eye and something white is stuck


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Mar 21, 2017
So I just received this chicken from someone who didn't want to mess with treating her. At first I really thought it was eye worms; however, I have been treating her with vet rx for several days now and am seeing no improvement at all. I even tried pushing the white stuff out of her eye (like I saw them do with an eye worm on YouTube, but it barely budged). Could it be something else? Maybe a cyst of some kind? I tried to get a couple of pictures. Any help or suggestions at all would be appreciated.
Most times a puffy eye is from conjunctivitis and sinus infection, due to a respiratory disease such as mycoplasma (MG.) Does she have a bad odor about her face? If you have other poultry, she could spread the disease to them, so separate her and use good biosecurity, washing hands, changing clothes and shoes. MG can make her a carrier for life. Tylan 50 injectable 1/2 ml for each 2.5 pounds twice a day for 5 days can be given orally or by injection.
I read that and she is in our living room with only her partner. But he has been with her many days and has not got any symptoms at all,l. This made me think that it was something that is not contagious but either some kind of mass or an injury of some sort.
She also is not sneezing or breathing weird at all. She is acting completely normal other than a swollen eye and white where the swelling is
An infection from a peck wound or foreign object might be a possibility. Examine inside the eye for any seeds, dirt, or look for peck wounds around the eye. Squeezing the pus out or cleaning it out with QTips, then applying an antibiotic ointment such as feed store Terramycin can help. Tylan will treat respiratory bacteria, but if it is E.coli or another common bacteria from the bedding, it may require an antibiotic specifically for gram negative bacteria, which would need to be prescribed by a vet.
How do I examine inside the eye? I have tried looking at the white part but I just can't see very well
No. It does not look like that. It seems like whatever is in the swollen part of her eye is also showing right there so there is no real opening. I just moved to Oklahoma, and have not yet found a vet near me who will work on chickens

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