Swollen breasts on chicks

No problem, I'm pretty new, too. My oldest birds are 13 weeks old. But I've been researching for months, and I remember just about everything I read. There is a lot of information to take in and absorb when you are new to chickens. Also, do not worry when they dust bathe. Chicks can be very awkward the first couple of times they do it and it might look like a seizure.
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Welcome to Backyard chickens, June Buggena gave you good information. The bulge area is called "the crop," it normal for it to be enlarged from them eating, and usually empty by morning.

Chickens get so blissed out dust bathing, that it may appear that are dying or have seizures. They are just enjoying it to the hilt. Have you visited the Learning Center above- it is a great start for new chicken folks, as is the "Raising Backyard Chickens" thread. It's a lot of information to digest at one time. You can always come back again and again to refresh your memory. Or maybe take notes of the info that applies to your questions. Glad that your joined us.

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