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    We have bees so I’m wondering if this is a bee sting. I cannot find a hole or holes but that black circle bruise reminds me if a bee sting. This was not there yesterday. I gave her a bath yesterday and would have noticed. I saw her limping this morning so this is what I saw. Please advise. Can you give chickens benadryl for allergic reactions? Or hydrocortisone cream? She’s eating and drinking but I know she’s uncomfortable. It looks a little weepy but definitely very swollen even on the pad of her foot.

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    You can give benadryl orally, childrens liquid is easiest. Dose is 2 - 4 mg per kg of weight, or .9 - 1.8 mg per pound of weight daily (every 24 hours). Childrens liquid is 2.5 mg/ml, so dose would be .36 - .73 ml per pound. People use 1% hydrocortisone topical creams on prolapsed vents, so using it on the foot I would think would be fine, I wouldn't give it as an oral medication. Also soaking the foot in a warm epsom salt bath would probably help with pain and swelling. I see a tiny spot that might be a sting, circled below.

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