Swollen chicken foot!

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May 10, 2015
North Carolina



I'm new here so I'm still learning, but one on my chickens has a problem. She had a little band on her leg and I thought she was fine, didn't seem to hurt her. Yesterday I saw she was limping a little bit but I payed no mind. This morning her foot was swollen really bad and she can hardly walk. I took the band off and massaged it a bit to get the blood flowing, and it does not appear to hurt. Is there anything I can do to bring down the swelling?? I feel bad. There is some skin off/ coming off, so I put it in cold water and got the dirt out but they are open wounds, and I'm afraid will become infected. On the bottom of her foot if you can see it are these two round spots, one large and one small. They appear to be filled with clear liquid. Should I do anything to them? I'm wondering if I should soak the foot in epsom salt to reduce swelling, and then putting medicine and some sort of bandage on. Would that work? Pleas help. Thanks.
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