swollen crop? **UPDATE**


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my 8 week old pullet has a swollen soft crop- is that normal? i have given her oil just in case-
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As long as it goes down in the morning, or after snoozing a long time, yes. It's only a problem if it never goes down and she stops eating.

What are you feeding? If it's any extras, beside chick starter, she'll need grit too.
She is on medicated chick starter, gave all of them some yogurt, and grit- she's sleeping in my lap- so see how she is in the morning?
Hi Everyone- looks like the pullet is doing better- here are pics of yesterday and then today- how come no one warned me they power puke?? :/she surprised me today- no warning... but i don't mind if she is feeling better- any idea on breed? she was given to me at TSC-



we use pine bedding, but i read where they like dampened crumbles- i think she may have gorged- no more soft crumbles for any of them...
Dancing a jig here!! My sour crop girl her crop isn't swollen today, so she is getting yogurt and bread today....

how long do i keep her on yogurt?
She looks like my rhode island red's so maybe that is what she is. I have seen where bread soaked in olive oil is given for impacted crop to help it go down.

Be careful with grit, they can gorge on it.
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well, she is eating soaked bread in yogurt, might toss in some olive oil too, it is definitely going down and she's pooping so she must be getting something through, its alot softer too... she is in isolation for the afternoon, although she misses the flock, that way i can monitor her better... couldn't ask for a sweeter girl though
the oil should help but hopefully she is breaking down whatever was blocking her. If she is like my RIR's they are very sweet, I have leghorns too. They are winged devils from hell.

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