swollen eye - need some help!! Graphic Pic's


11 Years
Jan 12, 2009
Cleveland, Ga.
I have a 5 month old EE with a nasty eye. She is eating and drinking fine. I found her and her sister in the house last night. Her sister past this afternoon. She had a swollen eye but her's had a boil that came up last night. It was sooooo sad. now yesterday this one only had a watery eye and now look at it. She isn't showing any other symptoms. Her poo looks fine. I have been reading about eye worms. Is that what this is. I have not seen any worms. Any ideas would be helpful. I have treated her eye with Terramycin eye ointment and have put Terramycin powder in the water along with Infant Vitamins.Hopefully the pic's come thru.




Thank you!!! Anyone else?
That is what I thought about her sister but she past soo fast. I don't want to lose her. To look at her other side she looks completely normal. I am stumped.No ideas!
since the sister which im sorry about had a boil and you might wanna look around your yard and your coop for wasps hornets bees what ever that stings um im not exactly 100% on this one but, maybe see just had an alergic reaction
I was leaning that way too. But it was too weird the same side, the same thing. I hope not. I will check the coop but how do I keep them out. I have to have my vents open. That is the only place they could of come in. Can you give chickens Benydril?

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