Swollen feet in two chickens


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Nov 12, 2018
I noticed that one of my RIRs had a swollen spot in the same place on both of her feet, so I started looking at the others. I found that my WPR has it worse(more swollen) than the RIR, but only in her left foot. The WPR didn't seem to be in any pain when I pushed on it. I'm rather worried. Any ideas?


I also just noticed that Salena, my poor WPR, is limping, favoring her swollen foot. I don't know about the other hen.
Yes that looks like bumblefoot and the swelling on top is common in some cases. You can try soaking the foot in warm Epsom salts for 30 minutes a day. Some people try to remove the scab and then squeeze out the yellow cheesey core that is inside. Sometimes surgery is needed to get it out. Here is some reading about bumblefoot:
Okay, now I'm kinda scared... I'll try the Epsom salts in the morning. The nearest chicken vet is 45 mins away and most likely none of my family would be willing to drive me that far even in the case of it not clearing up.
Bumblefoot is very common, and not serious. It is not an emergency either, so take a deep breath, and read some and look at some videos online. Do you have any chicken friends who could help you?
Nobody in real life except a cashier at my usual store who has experience raising chickens, but I don't see her often.
We have the supplies already, it's just a matter of finding a way to actually soak it for that long. She hates being held for extended periods of time, so I would need help. Unfortunately my mom isn't the "let's help the ailing chicken" type and my other family members are unavailable.
Just get everything ready before you catch the chicken. She will probably settle down after a while if she knows she can't escape. She might even enjoy it, since it should make her foot feel better.

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